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Colour Accuracy can mean the difference between Profit and Loss


baslac® The most effective Colour Matching

The identification of colour is a critical component in the professional automotive refinishing industry. Speed and precision are essential for both customer satisfaction and body shop efficiencies.

Colour accuracy can mean the difference between profit and loss, as re-dos burn revenue and up to now, body shops have typically had to accept a trade-off: quick and easy handling with compromised colour accuracy or a high level of accuracy with slow and inconvenient handling.

Throughout the tinting process, baslac® offers you a comprehensive colour support package that will guide you quickly and effectively to find the exact colour you need for your job.

When it comes to colour identification and colour-matching, you can reap the benefits of our innovative colour tools.

Quick, Reliable and Digital

Baslac® Formula Finder

The baslac® Formula Finder is an up-to-date and comprehensive online colour information tool for all manufacturers. It allows your spray painters very quick access to a formula database containing more than 139,000 mixing formulas. Just fill in the relevant fields in the structured user interface, and the requested mixing formula will appear on the screen within a blink of an eye. The database is constantly being kept up to date. The baslac® Formula Finder can also be obtained on CD for use on the PC. Combined with the interfaced baslac® scales, mixing colour is so easy and effective!

Baslac® e-finder star

BASF has developed the baslac® e-finder star to fit seamlessly into bodyshop workflows and support fast, easy and accurate colour matching.

Through BASF’s handheld colour retrieval instrument, the baslac® e-finder star, colour matching has reached new levels of efficiency.

Some benefits of the tool are:

  • A new level of colour-matching efficiency with highly accurate five-angle colour-reading technology
  • Shorter and higher-quality repair processes thanks to faster, easier and more accurate colour matching
  • Small, ergonomic and easy to operate with one hand on every surface.

The digital tool enables automatic calibration on black for significantly faster calibration than existing systems provide. Automatic calibration after each job also means the user can be sure of consistent accuracy. It uses WiFi to connect seamlessly with the baslac® Formula Finder for faster colour mixing.

The baslac® e-finder star features a five-angle technology for a more accurate reading of all solid, metallic and pearlescent paints. A green or red LED signal light tells the user immediately if the measurement is correct.

Baslac® Effective Colour Finder

The baslac® Effective Colour Finder 2 is the best colour tool in the market. The system contains more than 4 500 original-sprayed colour chips, helping to identify the right colour for your repair. The chips are sorted by manufacturer groups which make the colour search easy and quick. Inside the manufacturer groups, colours are sorted by OEM reference. With the yearly update of the baslac® Effective Colour Finder, your system is always up-to-date. Together with the best colour finding software – baslac® Formula Finder – you will save time and material.

Baslac® Tinting Charts

The baslac® Tinting charts are extremely useful posters which illustrate all of the topcoat and basecoat mixing bases. Pictograms provide the spray painters with information on colour groups, colour bias, face and side view, as well as purity and chroma.

Download baslac® Tinting Charts:

baslac® Tinting Chart Basecoat 35

baslac® Tinting Chart Topcoat 30

baslac e-finder star_1

Improve the profitability of your body shop and invest in baslac®

The product offerings from baslac® may differ from country to country due to legal reasons.