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The profitable easy-to-use-refinishing solution

baslac an overall modern solution

Modern Solutions

baslac® offers you an overall modern solution for all of your automotive refinishing jobs – quickly and with the best results. As a division of BASF, a leading global manufacturer, baslac® provides reliable colour-competence, excellent product quality and modern, e-orientated, customer service.

So easy, so effective

baslac® provides you with a lean and easy-to-use range of high-quality refinishing products at a cost-effective price. Their specially designed portfolio offers all products required to complete a professional repair with outstanding results.

High-quality is the basis

The reliable colour-competence from baslac® is backed by the assurance of BASF, a leading global manufacturer.

baslac® Basecoats

baslac® Basecoats offer the best possible finish for all solid, metallic and pearl colours. They are easy to apply and are accompanied by perfect colour-matching support. In addition, baslac® Basecoats have outstanding hiding powers.

baslac® Topcoats

baslac® Topcoats are designed with performance in mind. A high-solid pigment system allows a good flow, and covering power with a quick-drying finish, combined with perfect hardness and polishing properties on drying. Colour-matching is accurate and there is a comprehensive range of colour support tools to make the process even easier.

Achieve the ultimate finish

baslac® Clearcoats offer all of the key-performance properties that you need to achieve the perfect finish. Featuring absolute durability, high-gloss retention and excellent levelling properties, the baslac® Clearcoat system offers you an easy-to-use, quality system.

Prepare for greatness!

A great paint job starts with impeccable preparation. The baslac® range of Primers follow this principle by allowing you to create the ideal base to complement any of the baslac® Topcoats or Basecoats.

Work more efficiently

The practical baslac® Additives assist you in working more efficiently by optimising the repair process, reducing energy costs and providing improved polishing. By using baslac® Additives it is very easy to speed up or slow down drying time. Furthermore, the baslac® Additives ensure optimum application of the basecoat or topcoat system, even in extreme weather conditions.

Improve the profitability of your body shop and invest in baslac®

The most effective colour matching

The identification of colour is a critical component in the professional automotive refinishing industry. Speed and precision are essential for both customer satisfaction and body shop efficiencies.

Reap the benefits of our colour tools.

Reap the benefits of our colour tools baslac

The product offerings from baslac® may differ from country to country due to legal reasons.