Meet the Team

RSB Auto Group is committed to excellence and value in everything we do.

Warren Tollman has been with the company from its inception and is the CEO of RSB which has two operating divisions, namely RSB Auto and RSB Industrial. His responsibilities include any aspect of the business that requires his attention. He loves playing golf and spending time with family and friends. His secret talent is getting out of the rough on the golf course. He says that empathy and respect for others are some of the most important skills to have.

Warren Tollman


David Anthony joined the group right after school and has been with the company for 22 years. He is the National Sales Director for the RSB Auto divison, and he looks after new business development and customer relations. He enjoys family time, training and deep-sea fishing.

David Anthony

National Sales Director

Daandre Erasmus started at Bulldog Abrasives in 2018 as the Group Financial Manager. He was promoted to Group CFO in 2021 which was a new and exciting opportunity. As the Group CFO, he manages all the functions involved with the Group finances and Group Financial Reporting. Outside of work he maintains an active lifestyle which includes gym, running, cycling and swimming. His secret talent is cooking delicious meals. He says that communication is an essential skill to know.

Daandre Erasmus

Group CFO

Marsel Rossouw joined Bulldog Abrasives in September 2023 as Head of Finance, overseeing the monitoring and management of financial operations. Marsel enjoys family time, hunting, cooking, and playing guitar outside of work. Although he doesn’t have a pet, his girlfriend's cat has adopted him. Marsel's secret talent is making a delicious salmon and cream cheese omelette, and he believes active listening and patience are essential skills for everyone.

Marsel Rossouw

Head of Finance

Lawrence Glen joined Bulldog Abrasives in 2005 as CFO, after he was approached by a friend with a job opportunity after completed his articles. He is now the Strategic Projects Director and is responsible for identifying, evaluating and developing strategic projects that will grow the value of the Group. His main interest outside of work is his family and exercise. He says that a healthy balance in life is an essential skill.

Lawrence Glen

Director of Group Strategic Projects

Kevin Backos is the Group Procurement Director. He worked with his brother in a spares shop before starting MAB Autobody with John Maroun in 1994. His duties include purchasing inventory as well as inventory control for the group. His secret talent is that he is excellent with numbers and says that an essential skill everyone should learn is respect and responsibility.

Kevin Backos

Group Procurement Director

John Maroun is the Group CEO. He started his career in 1994 as the youngest of four brothers in the motor and auto body spares industry and went on to pursue his own business, MAB Autobody, which sold auto body parts, paint and consumables in the Wynberg area. MAB Autobody then purchased Bulldog Abrasives. His current role entails setting the strategic direction for the group, supporting the executive team, business development, and stakeholder management. His hobbies include spending time with his family, golf, horse racing and going to the bush. His secret skills are logical thinking and excellent maths ability. He believes that hard work, manners, honesty and learning to work with different personalities are essential traits.

John Maroun

Group CEO

Vincent Backos started with MAB Autobody in 2001 and joined Bulldog Abrasives after MAB Autobody was sold to BASF. He was appointed as COO in 2021 and is involved in all daily operations and oversees operational projects that help improve the business. He enjoys spending time with family and his hobbies are horse racing, music and movies. His secret skills are photographic memory and manual mathematics counting. He believes that everyone should gain experience and learn new things every day.

Vincent Backos

Group COO

Dolores Merriman is the Senior Administrative Director and joined the industry in 1996 when her brother, Kevin Backos encouraged her to join MAB Autobody. Her interests and hobbies include walking and knitting. Her secret talent is that she is artistic and can paint and draw. She believes that if you work hard, you will reap the rewards.

Dolores Merriman

Group Senior Administrative Director

 Branch Managers

Dino Sivlal started his career with MAB Autobody in 2000 and joined Bulldog Abrasives in 2008. He has always had a love for cars. His job as Despatch Manager is to ensure that all orders are dispatched efficiently, accurately and on time. His interests include fishing and cars. He believes that communication and thinking outside the box are essential skills.

Dino Sivlal

JHB Branch Manager

Imraan Cassim started at RSB Automotive in 2018 and is the Johannesburg Branch Manager. He has always been in the automotive industry and boasts more than 25 years of experience. His duties include assisting the CEO by managing the operations of the Group as well as the implementation and improvement of best operational practices across the organisation. He spends his free time watching and learning from DIY videos and has a passion for modified cars. He says that simple memory skills and learning to work through failures are essential skills to have.

Imraan Cassim

JHB Branch Manager

Mike Daw started with RSB Autgroup in 1997. He is the Branch Manager in the KwaZulu-Natal branch, where his duties include stock control, order placement, distribution and acts as a client liaison. He enjoys long walks on the beach with his four dogs that go everywhere with him, surfing and hiking. His secret talent is an ability to remain calm in the midst of a storm. His essential skill is to help your fellow beings without thought of return or gain.

Mike Daw

KZN Branch Manager

Chris Gallier is the Cape Town Branch Manager for RSB Auto group. He started with the company in 2017 and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He ensures that all the operations and customer sales support run smoothly. He is an avid sports fan and collects sports memorabilia, vintage Dublo trains and stamps. He believes common sense is an essential skill that everyone should learn.

Chris Gallier

Cape Town Branch Manager

Charl Stevens is the Branch Operations Manager for the RSB Autogroup. He has been in various aspects of the motor trade since 1997, and in 2020, he moved to the automotive paint industry. Outside of work-life, Charl enjoys fishing, playing golf and mountain biking. His secret skill is barefoot skiing and he believes that a positive attitude towards others is an essential skill.

Charl Stevens

Bloemfontein Branch Manager

National Internal Sales

Ronelle Strydom is an Internal Sales Manager for RSB Autogroup and has been with the company since 2010. Her main hobbies are camping, fishing and her secret skills include game farming and shooting. She believes great people skills are a must.

Ronelle Strydom

National Internal Sales Manager

George Matsitse started in 2010 at RSB Autogroup in the telesales department where he sells the company's products and services by phone. He lists his essential skills as communication, problem-solving, professionalism and a strong work ethic.

George Matsitse

National Internal Sales

Jamie Silard started in the automotive industry more than 20 years ago. He currently handles RSB Automotive internals sales and takes calls and emails from customers and invoicing. He enjoys playing golf, flying helicopters and has his PPL. He said that product knowledge and sharing of information is very important.

Jamie Silard

National Internal Sales

Donovan Salsoni started at RSB Autogroup in 2013 after a stint in the construction industry. He works in internal sales and answers the phones in the call centre. His hobbies include golf and football. He says that an essential skill to learn is to go the extra mile and stop doing the bare minimum.

Donovan Salsoni

National Internal Sales

RSB Industrial / CV: National Sales

Gerald Whitely started in 2010 at Bulldog Abrasives and is the National Sales Manager for the RSB Industrial division where he leads and motivates staff and ensures good relationships with suppliers. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. His secret talent is playing the drums. He says listening, rather than speaking is an essential skill to know.

Gerald Whitely

Sales Manager: Industrial / CV (CPT)

Rodney Schroeder is the National Technical Manager for RSB Industrial & CV Division. He has been with the company since 2016. He is a qualified spray painter and his duties include sales and technical support nationally. He enjoys playing golf on the weekends and is an avid F1 and soccer fan. His secret talent is setting up solar energy and believes that respect, teamwork and a one-voice policy are essential skills.

Rodney Schroeder

Technical Manager: Industrial / CV (CPT)

RSB Automotive Johannesburg: Business Analyst / Paint Technicians

Aziz Basadien is an Account Manager at RSB Autogroup and started in 2017. He has 19 years of industry experience. He has always had a big passion for cars and views them as an art form. His main interest outside of work is quality family time and playing golf. His secret talent is drawing. He believes that an essential skill is to have passion in what they do.

Aziz Basadien

Business Analyst / Key Account Manager

Llewellyn Theunissen started his career in the automotive industry in 1997 as an apprentice and is a qualified spray painter. In 2012, he joined RSB Autogroup as a Technical Manager who handles all technical related queries and sales. His family is his priority and he spends a lot of time with them and also enjoys fishing and playing golf. He enjoys sharing the wealth of knowledge he has acquired over the past 25 years.

Llewellyn Theunissen

Paint Tech Manager

Victor McCreanor started with the RSB Autogroup in 2016 and he has a big passion for cars. He gets to live out his passion for the industry every day. He is a Business Analyst and one of his key focus points is conducting marketing analysis. His interests are his family and his big love for cricket. He plays both indoor and outdoor cricket whenever he can. His secret talent is that he is a good Physiognomist, and he knows how to maintain good relationships. He believes that critical thinking and problem-solving are essential skills to learn.

Victor McCreanor

Business Analyst

RSB Automotive Johannesburg: Sales

Riaan Dormehl the Regional Sales Manager for RSB Gauteng region and started his career with RSB’s sister company, Bulldog Abrasives, in 2000. His role is to service and sell to customers in Pretoria and Johannesburg regions, as well as manage the paint technicians in the area. In his free time, he enjoys restoring old vehicles. His secret talent is that he can play several instruments such as piano, guitar, Ukulele, drums and a few others.

Riaan Dormehl

Regional Sales Manager

Luteyn Risseeuw started at RSB Automotive in 2011 and is a Sales Representative in Johannesburg. He supplies paint and consumables to clients and assists to streamline their business to achieve optimal results. He enjoys spending time with family and the occasional game of golf and hunting. He says an essential skill to know is cooking.

Luteyn Risseeuw

Sales Representative: Auto / Ind /CV

RSB Automotive Cape Town: Business Analysts / Sales / Paint Technicians

Leon Boshoff started with RSB Autogroup in 2007 and is the Regional Sales Manager in the Cape Town branch. His hobbies include fishing in his free time as well as spending time with his two dogs.

Leon Boshoff

Regional Sales Manager

Debbie Medhurst started with RSB Autogroup in 2014 and says she didn’t choose the industry, but it chose her. She is the Sales Manager that builds and secures lasting relationships with customers, as well as industry partners. Her interest and hobbies include wine-tasting at various vineyards with friends. She has two dogs, Ella and Max and they completely rule her life. She says communication and people skills are essential skills.

Debbie Medhurst

Sales Representative

Jonathan Tiederman started at the RSB Autogroup in 2011 after a stint as a spray painter. He chose the industry because he has a passion for cars and how they are built. He is the Technical Manager for RSB in the Western Cape and makes decisions for all technical issues in body shops. His interests include spending time with family, home improvements, rebuilding classic motorcycles and water sports. His secret talent is that he is very good with numbers and believes that good communication is an essential skill.

Jonathan Tiedemann

R-M Paint Tech Manager

RSB Automotive KZN: Business Analysts / Sales / Paint Technicians

Ryan Matchett started with RSB Automotive in 2014 and has always had a passion for vehicle restoration and repairs. He is the Regional Sales Manager and focuses on customer relations and as a technical manager making sure that clients' shops run smoothly. His hobbies are racing motorbikes, spending time outdoors, travelling, fishing and playing golf. His secret talent is having an eidetic memory and believes hard work, good manners and commitment are essential skills.

Ryan Matchett

Regional Sales Manager

Steven Tarpey is a sales representative in Durban for RSB Automotive. He joined the company in 2018 and has been involved with the Bulldog brand since its launch in 1995. He is a business consultant, who partners with clients to improve and strengthen their business. He enjoys an active lifestyle, embraces the beauty of our country and has a big love for people and life. He says that faith, commitment, endurance and hard work are essential skills.

Steven Tarpey

Senior Bus. Analyst / Sales Representative

Preshan Chetty joined RSB Autogroup in March 2014 and is a Paint Tech Manager in the KwaZulu-Natal branch. His role entails mentoring spray painters to be excellent colour-matchers and paint applicators. He is passionate about restoring classic vehicles and decided on a career in the industry after watching his dad restore a few. His hobbies include fishing and exploring natural wonders and he believes everyone should learn to carry out their duties to the best of their abilities.

Preshan Chetty

Paint Tech Manager

RSB Automotive Free State: Business Analysts / Sales / Paint Technicians

Thys Strydom has always had an interest in spray-painting since he was a teenager. He joined RSB Autogroup in 2014 and is responsible for sales, client relationships, and aftersales service. His hobbies include camping, fishing and steelwork. He believes that people skills are one of the most important skills to have.

Thys Strydom

Regional Sales Manager

Casper Pelser started with RSB Autogroup in 2014 and had an interest in spray-painting since he was young. He is currently a Technical Manager at RSB Bloemfontein and handles sales and customer relations. He enjoys braaing and fishing and has a pet bird and two dogs. His secret talent is that he can keep secrets very well. He adds that patience, tolerance and English are essential skills.

Casper Pelser

Paint Tech Manager

RSB Marketing / I.T / HR / Admin / Buying

Vicky Maroun started her career at Bulldog Abrasives in 1999 as a General Admin Assistant, and after finding her passion for graphic design and marketing, she worked her way up to the role of Marketing Director within the group. She now manages a team of creatives and ensures that the marketing strategy for the group aligns with sales goals and targets. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, running and reading. She says that time management is a key skill.

Vicky Maroun

 Group Marketing Director

Denver Kleynhans is the Group IT Manager, he started his career in 2012 and has always had a keen interest in IT. His job functions include managing the IT department and ensuring that all systems run smoothly. He enjoys being outdoors, rugby and socialising. His secret talent is rhyming and says that an essential skill to learn is how to cook.

Denver Kleynhans

 Group IT Manager

Marycke Pretorius is the Group Human Resources Manager at Bulldog Abrasives and says the industry chose her. Her daily duties include overseeing and running the Group HR functions and payroll, recruitment and selection, training and development and performance management among others. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, reading a good book and cooking and baking. She says that essential skills include effective communication skills, Self-awareness and empathy.

Marycke Pretorius

Group HR Manager

Alfred Pretorius is the Administration Manager and bookkeeper at RSB Autogroup. He started his career in 2014 at the company and has a passion for numbers and accounting. Outside of work, he enjoys arts and crafts, DIY and interior design as hobbies. His secret talent is that he can restore old items and give them a new lease on life. He believes an essential skill everyone should learn is good communication.

Alfred Pretorius

Admin Manager / Bookkeeeper

Marina Gallier is an Imports Assistant at RSB Autogroup in Cape Town and has been with the company since 2018 and has spent most of her career in the automotive refinishing industry. Her daily duties such as local buying, assisting in running the branch and GRV's for Cape Town and Bloemfontein branches. Outside of work her main hobbies are gaming and reading. She says an essential skill to have is to think things through before speaking/acting.

Marina Gallier

National Buyer

RSB Debtors

Adri Kitshoff started at RSB Autogroup in 2010. She is the Group Debtors Manager for RSB and she ensures that all debts are collected in a timely manner, and that new business is fully processed and reported. In her spare time, she enjoys making handcrafts for gifts. She says listening is a very important skill to learn.

Adri Kitshoff

Group Debtors Manager

Gayle Jonker works in Debtors Collections for RSB. She started in 1996 and is the longest standing female employee in the company. She enjoys reading, sailing and spending time with her pet tortoise and bird. She believes that everyone should learn how to deal with people and always be polite.

Gayle Jonker

Debtors Clerk

Leigh Kumm started with RSB Autogroup in 2014 and works in the debtors' department. She keeps records of payments, reconciles accounts and handles queries. Family is very important and she spends her free time with her children and fiancé. They enjoy doing 4x4 trails. While her secret talent is that she knows when her kids are lying, she is also very creative and likes to bake, do DIY projects and plan events. She believes in honesty, integrity and being true to oneself are great skills to have.

Leigh Kumm

Debtors Clerk