Our Approach

We provide the best advice and a wide range of products to suite our customer’s every need.

RSB nationwide one-stop shop

Why choose us?

RSB is a nationwide one-stop shop for all automotive, industrial, and commercial coatings and refinishing requirements, and it is recognised for its leading brands, award-winning service excellence, technical sales, product support, and world-class training programmes and facilities.

RSB’s service is a cut above the rest! It includes market-leading technical and sales support, stock availability and distribution, competitively priced premium brands, and relationships built on trust and ethical business practices.

Expert recommendations

Our clients know and trust that we have the best intentions for their businesses as we can provide expert recommendations and advice which only yield positive results. With a combined industry experience of more than 75 years, our sales and technical managers are not only providing our customers with paint but deliver word-class expertise and solutions for their business.

Improved production and workflow systems

We pride ourselves on our aftersales services which include technical product training, implementing improved production and workflow systems, skills development and hands-on training with workshop staff, and general problem solving—to name but a few.

Comprehensive Training

All panel shop staff involved in the painting process receive comprehensive on the job training from our highly qualified technicians that also offer ongoing support and advice.

Why our customers value us

As a business, RSB’s main priorities are our customer-centric business model and our philosophy that everything we do is geared towards developing long-term relationships which can only be achieved by our unrivalled level of in-field technical support and training that ensures our staff are delivering work of the highest standard.

Additionally, our extensive R-M range is designed to help drive increased throughput and, by reducing processing times and material consumption, our customers generate better returns and, ultimately, a better profit.

Why our customers value us-RSB

Our Environmental Footprint

R-M is a premium waterborne paint brand in the automotive refinishing industry that is company driven, promotes profitability through the best solutions, and is cleaner for the environment, thereby promoting environmental awareness.

Find out more about the excellent benefits of using R-M Waterborne paint and how it can drive profitability.

Our Value-Added Services

Here at RSB, we pride ourselves on our after-sales service and technical support, as well as our exceptional delivery service. We own a large fleet of vehicles which allows us to distribute nationwide through the use of our logistics partner, DCB.

Monthly reports containing an analysis of our customers’ purchases of both paint and consumables are provided to our customers. We also discuss the reports with each customer and compare their consumption of each product against production and revenue for the month to identify inefficiencies, wastage, and shrinkage.

We have a highly trained team of technicians who train our customers’ spray-painting staff and we offer them ongoing technical support. In addition to the training and support RSB customers receive on paint, they also receive technical support and product training in the surface preparation and polishing areas from Bulldog Abrasives. This support and training increases productivity and output, and decreases the cost of consumables by reducing wastage and optimizing the use of these consumables.

Bulldog Abrasives, our sister company, also offers formal in-house training programmes on surface preparation, polishing and health and safety to RSB customers.

Services we offer


We supply all our products on time and with great efficiency.


The industry is even predicting colours for the future.


To produce a comprehensive analysis of the business


Maximum innovation by which we measure all our innovations.


We turn training courses into customized modules.


To manage the paint shop in a more efficient and profitable way.

Our goals and ambitions

Besides providing world-class service to our customers, our goals are to remain the market leader in automotive paint with the focus to expand our business footprint ethically and sustainably, whilst supplying our customers with quality products and outstanding service which will make us indispensable to our clients and our industry.

How we achieve our goals

We strive to always build lasting relationships based on trust with our clients, which allows our brand to become the most renowned and trusted automotive paint supplier in South Africa for years to come.

We aim to over-achieve. Our customers and our interest in their business drives us to always provide the best service.

Our ambitions are to grow and expand the brand with reliability, excellent price and consistent support from our trained staff.