Our Products

RSB is a nationwide one-stop-shop for all of your automotive, industrial and commercial, coatings and refinishing requirements.

Automotive Paint Products

RSB is a leading automotive paint supplier in South Africa and provides a comprehensive range of premium, automotive paint solutions to suite every need. We pride ourselves on having secured the sole-distribution rights to the R-M paint range; a highly acclaimed, premium product which has been awarded a number of top OEM approvals. Our other automotive paint brand, baslac® (also a brand of BASF) offers an easy-to-use range of high-quality refinishing products for all repair jobs at a cost-effective price.

Industrial / CV Paint Products

RSB have recently expanded their range to include Glasurit’s 68 Line, a BASF brand, and MultiPlus™, a locally manufactured globally innovated brand. Both of these paint brands are focused on the industrial / CV markets.

Glasurit’s 68-Line, a BASF brand, offers fit-for-purpose solutions to an array of market segments including heavy-duty coach building, commercial automotive, steel fabrication and structural engineering, amongst others.

MultiPlus™ coatings are designed and tested to guarantee optimum performance such as corrosion resistance, chemical and mechanical resistance, and weathering resistance to the harsh South African climate.

Spray Guns and Equipment

We are proud to be the sole-distributor of SATA products in Sub-Saharan Africa. SATA sets the standard for high precision paint guns, compressed air filters and worker health protection. Their close relationships with painters from various trades and industries, as well as their research and development departments, with application technicians from leading paint manufacturers, allow them to produce superior products of the highest quality.

We offer a wide range of products ranging from spares, spray guns, filters and various accessories.

Paint Accessories

We stock a range of quality paint accessories for the automotive refinishing market. The range includes items to make any refinishing job super easy. These include paint trolley’s, plastic paint mixing cups, cleaning cloths, and spray bottles. We pride ourselves on offering a complete paint solution to our customers!

Body Filler and Accessories

We supply a full range of Carsystem professional body fillers. Carsystem has invested decades of development in producing polyester body fillers and have a wide product range of superior quality body fillers and accessories. The wide range on offer is suited for any repair.

Polishing Products

The best method for getting the perfect shine and finish on a paint job is to use quality polishing products. We stock a full range of car detailing, polishing and paint refinishing products and solutions specifically formulated to deliver the perfect finish on all painted surfaces.

Our Presta range of compounds are water-based, VOC compliant and easy to clean up. They contain no waxes, silicones or fillers so the finish, after buffing stays true. Presta polishes do not only perform well in the automotive industry, they perform just as well in the wood and marine industries.

Abrasives and Accessories

RSB offer a wide range of quality, coated, non-woven and dust-free net sanding Mirka products for the automotive, industrial, woodworking and DIY sectors.
We also offer some of the best industrial bonded abrasive products in the industry, creating an easier, quicker and faster cutting and grinding process.

We boast a state-of-the-art conversion facility for the joining of wide and narrow abrasive belts and make use of a wide selection of abrasive material from around the world. All our abrasives have been, trialled and tested to ensure only the best-of-the-best is delivered to the Southern African market.

All abrasive products are backed-up by a vast range of quality, abrasive accessories, including backup pads, hand sanding blocks and, interface pads, that ensures a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

Masking and Tapes

Our range of durable, affordable and high-quality tapes are used in all types of industries and for a variety of applications. Our tapes have been stringently tested against all known market leaders and are on par with the industry standards.

Our world-class masking and buff tapes are manufactured by Atlas Tapes, a vertically integrated manufacturer of self-adhesive tapes. They are a market leader, ranking among the top European producers.

Car Care Products

We stock a range of car care accessories that prevents damage to other parts of the vehicle during the repair process, which can be costly and time-consuming to rectify. This includes plastic car covers, fender protectors, microfibre cloths and overspray gloves, we stock it all! A wide range of car care products, which not only fit your needs, but also your budget.

Cleaning and Safety

Health, safety and cleanliness are a vital part of any business. We offer specialized respiratory, hand and body protection products to ensure that you are compliant with safety regulations in the workplace, as well as a variety of cleaning products.

Body Repair Tools

Our comprehensive range of Sykes-Pickavant body repair tools are comprised of a selection of dollies, bumping tools, panel beating hammers, body blades, and other specialized tools used in the automotive repair industry, to repair the bodywork of a car. The Sykes-Pickavant brand is well-known worldwide with a guarantee of quality products and real value for money.

Colour Matching Products and Accessories

The Scangrip Colour-match product line is the most comprehensive and sophisticated of its kind in the world, featuring high CRI value and multiple colour temperatures. These specialized lighting solutions with superior quality are made for colour matching, detailing and general paint work and are usable everywhere a painted surface needs inspection. The cutting-edge work lights provide extra brightness and extra operation time, which make a real difference when you need the best work light you can get.

Pneumatic/Electric Tools

We offer a comprehensive range of pneumatic and electric tools for a variety of applications. Our range of Mirka sanding and polishing tools entails electric and pneumatic sanders, polishing machines, dust extractors and equipment. These tools are backed by a complete range of spare parts, backing pads and other accessories to help you get the most from Mirka’s sanding solution.

We are also proud distributors of Rodcraft high-quality pneumatic tools. Essentially designed for mechanics and automotive experts, their offering includes a wide range of tools for mechanical work, lifting operations, body maintenance and industrial applications. Their portfolio includes impact wrenches, percussive tools, support stands, drills, screwdrivers and many more.


We hold all of the necessary add-on’s and auxiliaries that complement our various abrasive brands. We pride ourselves in being a “one-stop-shop” and supply a range of suitable and necessary tools to make your job easier.

Cutting and Grinding

RSB stock a wide range of quality, reliable and high-performance, bonded and coated, cutting and grinding products. Karbosan and Rhodius have both been in the industry of high-quality abrasive products for over 50-years, and continuously pursue the goal of making exceptional bonded and coated products for all applications.

Our homegrown flap discs produced in-house in our belt plant boast extremely high stock removal qualities, with long life and excellent cutting abilities, saving you valuable time and money.

Tungsten Carbide Burs

Bulldog Abrasives economy range of Tungsten carbide burs are perfect for all types of industry. Sporting the well trusted “Double Cut”, they provide the user with high stock removal, extended lifespan and precision cutting ability. Coming in at extremely competitive prices, these cutting tools are well suited for the Southern African market.


RSB boast an extensive range of Carsystem and HB Body aerosol products. This product range includes fillers to 1K&2K primers, cleaners, and HB Body’s new Professional Irida Acrylic Spray Paint!

The superior HB Body 400ML Irida Aerosol is in a class of its own. It features a unique fan nozzle and over 35 RAL shades to choose from, including a clear shade. This is the perfect product for all of your D.I.Y / industrial and automotive projects.

RSB is a market-leading distributor of globally recognised paint brands

RSB provides a comprehensive range of premium paint solutions to the automotive and industrial/CV industries.