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The R-M philosophy is based on a global offer

The R-M philosophy-global offer geared towards the long-term

The R-M philosophy

The R-M philosophy is based on a global offer that is geared towards the long-term profitability of its body shop customers. They develop innovative, user-friendly paint systems that provide the flexibility body shops need to increase throughput and profitability by reducing material consumption and process times. At the same time, R-M respects the environment.

R-M Waterborne Paints

Being Kind to our Environment

All of R-M’s waterborne paints are environmentally friendly as well as reduce VOC emissions. Take a look at some of the benefits listed:

RSB-R-M’s waterborne paints are environmentally friendly

Cleaner for the Environment

The R-M waterborne paints are a source of fewer toxins going into the environment. There are higher levels of toxins in the air long after the painting is completed when using solvent-based paint. Waterborne coatings are a non-flammable, non-toxic and non-hazardous way to paint. This is the perfect option when looking for a paint coating that meets with the clean air regulations. Furthermore, waterborne paints offer an 80% reduction in solvent emissions when compared to conventional automotive refinish paint technology.

Healthier for your Staff

In addition to waterborne paints being clearner for the environment, waterborne paint reduces the emission of VOCs, improves air quality and reducing the health risk to all involved.

Durable and Long-Lasting

R-M Waterborne paints are highly durable and abrasion-resistant. These coatings hold up well to heat and can ward off corrosion. When working in harsh working environments, using waterborne paint is going to maintain its glossy finish and protect your vehicles for longer.

High-Gloss Finish

One of the beauties with R-M waterborne paint is that you use less gloss coating. The paint itself provides a high gloss finish and also doubles as an excellent corrosion protector.

View R-M Waterborne Product Range: R-M Onyx HD

Brand positioning

R-M sets industry standards in colour competence and offers innovative, easy-to-use solutions for improved productivity in the premium automotive refinish segment worldwide.

Power of innovation

R-M has always focused on innovative product improvement and services, colour and training, for example, Colormaster, Colortronic and R-M Colours & Design.

Competitive position

R-M is at the forefront in colour identification (Colormaster / Colortronic) and has a leading waterborne product system (Onyx HD).

Brand awareness

R-M is a brand recognized as a pioneer and an innovator, acknowledged for its high level of customer support and environmental awareness.

Perfect Colour Management

While the shape and performance of vehicles seem to be approaching uniformity, every year about 1,000 new colours appear in the automotive sector. Besides shaping the interior of the vehicle, the colour is often the only other chance for a customer to make an individual statement.

The industry is predicting colours for the future. R-M is already providing indispensable aids with trend-setting colour matching systems such as Colour Explorer, Colormaster and Colortronic 12/6 allowing you to meet future challenges with ease.

Smart R-M: Color Explorer Online now available on your Smartphone!

The R-M Color Explorer Online mobile application will make the job of painters in car repair shops easier, in particular bodyshop’s productivity and performance in colour research. The R-M Color Explorer online is a faster way and more efficient way to search for your colour.

You can download the app on Apple iTunes or Google play store.

Click here to find out more about the how R-M’s Colour Tools can asssit with your colour matching requirements.

Our OEM Partners

R-M is recommended by all leading car manufacturers worldwide.

R-M is the preferred partner for those who value strong color competence with dynamic, highly-productive business solutions in the bodyshop.