Colortronic 12/6

Perfect Color Matching made simple!


R-M has enhanced their Measurement Technology

Latest developments in IT and technology, not to mention the colour database of R-M, makes all of the difference when it comes to perfect colour-matching:

R-M has enhanced their measurement technology for their new portable Colortronic 12/6 spectrophotometer. Twelve geometries ensure a perfect match rate for identifying the exact colour. Once the colour has been measured, the digital data can be transmitted via WIFI to the workstation for immediate processing. With R-M‘s improved Colortronic 12/6, colour adjustment was made simple, resulting in precise matching.

Quick, Reliable and Digital

made exceptionally reliable

Thanks to the software and hardware of the new Colortronic 12/6, colour matching has been made exceptionally reliable. Twelve measurement values ensure that the results are highly accurate. Six photographs from the integrated colour camera are also able to identify the effect in metallic/pearl finishes.

Workstation via Wi-Fi

The large display offers a wide review of the measurement target. Thereafter, the result is transmitted to the workstation via Wi-Fi.

Best match Determined

With R-M‘s Colour Explorer and Shop Master programs, the measurement data recorded by the Colortronic 12/6 are then digitally compared with the colour database and the best match is determined. Newly invented algorithms help adjust the colour to the target even closer.

Database Worldwide

In addition to the above, the latest manufacturers‘ colours can be searched for in the Colour Explorer database worldwide.

R-M: Perfection made simple

The straightforward operation of R-M‘s Colortronic 12/6 spectrophotometer makes it an indispensable aid in every body shop and speeds up workflows. With its innovative technical developments, the R-M brand commits to ensuring that its customers have cutting-edge technology for their work.

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