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68 Line

Glasurit CV Steel Primer Paste, 2-layer system. 568-46 can be used in combination with top coats of the line 68 as a tinted primer in the mixing ratio of 70:30 in the 2-layer process. In addition, it can be processed as a DTM topcoat (directly on metal) in a 1-layer process in the mixing ratio of 50:50 with series 68 topcoats. 568-46 ensures good corrosion protection and good adhesion on all steel substrates.

Technical Characteristics
Solids content:  ~ 80 %
Spreading rate: 540 m²/l at 1 μm
Key Features
Suitable for large areas/surfaces
Can be applied directly on steel or galvanized steel
Good coverage of shot blasted profile
Brilliant top coat appearance
Improves the hiding power
Part number Product Description Size
53235096 68 LINE 568-46 Steel Primer Paste 4 ltr

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