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68 Line

Problem-free chassis coating at its best! This grey-coloured 68 Line 9-7 CV Steel Primer and 68 Line 2K topcoats can be applied in a single spray-coat, which saves both time and money! Furthermore, the new steel primer dries faster than its predecessor, ensuring assembly within 12 hours. The product’s main highlight is that it offers extremely good anti-corrosion protection in all kinds of weather. Vehicles primed with 9-7 CV Steel Primer can even be stored in the open air!

The use of 68 Line 9-7 CV Steel Primer cuts consumption of organic solvents. As a chromate-free, low-odour product, it can be used on ferrous metals without any problems at all. This makes all chassis painting very efficient indeed! The 9-7 CV Steel Primer’s build smooths irregularities of the rough steel structure and provides an attractive paint finish. This amazing primer is also excellently suited as an adhesion promoter and sealant for original finishing jobs of all kinds. Another good reason for opting for the innovative paint technology of 68 Line!

Technical Characteristics:
Spreading rate: 440 m²/l at 1 μm
Solid Content: ~ 72 % (RFU ~ 64%)
Key Features:
The filling force of the CV steel base 9-7 compensates for unevenness in the coarse steel construction and provides a visible paint surface.
The 68 Line 9-7 CV-steel base is also excellent as an adhesion promoter and an insulating base for all new varnishes.
Part No Description Size
50705997 68 Line 9-7 CV Steel Primer 5ltr

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