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baslac® 30 – TOPCOAT

  • High solid and pigment content
  • Topcoat with high hiding power and low material consumption
  • User hardeners and reducers depending on temperature and object size
  • Do not use mixing bases on their own, but always with 30- Topcoat Converter
Part no Colour Size
AZ30-0S00-035A S00 Mixing Clear 3,5 ltr
AO10-0010-035A S010 White 3,5 ltr
AO10-1110-010A S110 Yellow Green 1 ltr
AO10-1120-010A S120 Yellow Bright 1 ltr
AO10-2150-010A S150 Orange Light 1 ltr
AO10-1160-010A S160 Yellow Dark 1 ltr
AO10-2220-010A S220 Orange 1 ltr
AO10-3230-010A S230 Red Light 1 ltr
AO10-8310-010A S310 Red Brown 1 ltr
AO10-3320-010A S320 Red Bright 1 ltr
AO10-3330-010A S330 Red Purple 1 ltr
AO10-3340-010A S340 Red Dark 1 ltr
50352432 S411 Purple 1 ltr
AO10-3420-010A S420 Red 1 ltr
50430617 S511 Blue Red 1 ltr
AO10-5520-010A S520 Blue Green 1 ltr
AO10-5530-010A S530 Blue 1 ltr
AO10-6610-010A S610 Green Blue 1 ltr
50457627 S621 Green Yellow 1 ltr
AO10-9910-010A S910 Black 1 ltr
AO10-9920-035A S920 Black Deep 3,5 ltr

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