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Bulldog Tapes
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Bulldog Abrasives’ Clear Logo Tape is purposefully designed for the meticulous task of re-fixing logos, decals, and badges on various vehicles. This exceptional product simplifies the process, significantly reducing time and effort while eliminating the need for scissors when cutting new mounting tape.


Clear Logo Tape boasts a precision pressure-sensitive adhesive that self-cuts, adhering exclusively to the badge, emblem, or decal being re-fixed. This innovative approach ensures a hassle-free and efficient re-fixing process, saving valuable time and resources.

Part No. Description Min Qty
BD011 Clear Logo Tape, 60mmx300mm 1
Technical Specifications
Carrier: Silicone Release Liner
Liner: Double Sided Liner
Adhesive: High Tack Acrylic (Solvent-Based)
Thickness: 0.04mm (+/- 0.05mm) Clear only.
Total: Thickness 0.167mm (+/- 0.05mm)
Width: 60mm (+/- 1mm)
Length: 300mm (+/- 0.1m)
Self-cutting pressure-sensitive adhesive
Double-sided permanent carrier-free transfer adhesive for professional re-application of vehicle details
10 sheets per sleeve
No need for scissor-cutting
No need for expensive decal replacements
Reduces cost and speeds up the reclaim process


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