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Bulldog Tapes
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Bulldog Abrasives’ Customising Tape is your ultimate tool for striping with extra flexibility in mind. It’s designed to tackle the tightest of contours, making it perfect for customizing bodywork, motorbike tanks, helmets, or any creative curve you can imagine.


This non-bleed PVC tape, measuring 12mm in width and composed of 8 x 1.5mm strips, is your go-to choice for creating clever and customized paintwork. By selectively removing sections, you can craft a variety of stripe widths and shapes with ease. What’s more, the product is heat-resistant up to 150°C/302°F for up to 30 minutes, ensuring it’s up to the task for your customizations. After your painting job is done, the tape can be effortlessly removed, leaving no residue behind and delivering a clearly defined paint line.

Part No. Description Min Qty
BD012 Customising Tape, Green, 12mmx10m 1
Technical Specifications
Carrier: PVC
Adhesive: Rubber
Colour: Green
Thickness: 150µm / 0.150mm (±0.03mm)
Width: 8 x 1.5mm (1/16”) strips giving a total width of 12mm.
Length: 10m (±0.1m)
Extra flexible
Made of 8 x 1.5mm strips
Heat resistant to 150°C for up to 30 minutes
Perfect for creating intricate patterns
Leaves no residue
Gives the painter flexibility with their designs
Suitable for medium bake ovens

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