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Duct Tape, Cloth, 48mmx25m

Bulldog Tapes
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Bulldog Abrasives Homegrown Duct Tape is the ultimate solution for various applications such as wrapping pipes, providing excellent insulation, and securely sealing gaps and crevices. It is a versatile tool that is essential for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you’re handling home repairs, creative projects, or professional applications, the Bulldog Abrasives Homegrown Duct Tape is your go-to solution.


Crafted from a blend of high-quality polyethylene and gauze fiber thermal composite material, Bulldog Abrasives Homegrown Duct Tape ensures unmatched strength and resilience for any task. Coated with a high-viscosity synthetic rubber adhesive, this tape exhibits a robust peeling force, making it ideal for securely fastening items in place, regardless of the surface. Thanks to its resistance to stretching, this duct tape maintains its integrity under pressure, ensuring a secure and enduring hold for all your projects.

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DT001GREY Duct Tape, Cloth, 48mmx25m, 230 micron, Grey 36
DT001BLACK Duct Tape, Cloth, 48mmx25m, 230 micron, Black 36

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