MetalPREP PK 1A05 Solventbourne cleaning agent


Unlock the potential of pristine metal surfaces with Advanced Series R-M MetalPrep PK 1A05, your ultimate solution for bare metal preparation. As a solventborne cleaning agent meticulously crafted by R-M, this product is engineered to elevate your metal finishing process to unprecedented levels of excellence.

Key Features

Cleaner for Bare Metal Surfaces: MetalPrep PK 1A05 serves as the cornerstone of your metal preparation regimen, ensuring that bare metal surfaces are immaculately cleaned and primed for subsequent treatment. Its advanced formulation penetrates deeply, removing contaminants and impurities with surgical precision, leaving behind a clean canvas ready for the application of coatings and finishes.

Designed for the discerning professional, MetalPrep PK 1A05 is meticulously crafted to streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency. Suitable for cleaning a variety of bare metal surfaces including sheet steel and galvanized sheet, this versatile solution empowers you to achieve unparalleled results across diverse applications.

Part no Description Size
50736166 MetalPREP PK 1A05 Solventbourne cleaning agent 5 litre

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