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MultiPlus™ Coatings

Multiplus High prime 210 is a high-quality 2K Epoxy Primer that is designed to provide excellent corrosion protection and adhesion on metal surfaces. This fast-drying primer can be used for both wet-on-wet and sanding applications, making it a versatile option for a variety of industrial and automotive uses.

High prime 210 is Chromate and Lead free, making it an environmentally friendly and safer option to use. The primer is also easy to apply and provides excellent coverage, resulting in a smooth and even finish. It is suitable for both air-dry and force-dry applications, allowing for flexibility in application methods.

Key Features
Substrates: Iron, steel, stainless steel, galvanized iron, aluminium, brass, copper. Repainting of solvent resistant surfaces, sanded original and old paintwork.
Preparation: Mild Steel – Remove all rust and any loose material by wire brush or mechanical sander. Non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and galvanized iron – Abrade using Scotch-Brite® pad or wet and dry sand paper. Suitable previous coat – Mechanically sand with P220 – 240 grit sandpaper.
Cleaning: Surface must be dry and free from any contamination, e.g. oil, grease, release agents. Degrease with metal cleaner, solvent-thinner, silicon remover or industrial cleaners.
Recoating: May be recoated with Valspar R-Cure / Valgard primers and/or Valspar R-Cure / Valthane / Multi Plus / Duraspar topcoats.
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LPK2250/4 MultiPlus™ Highprime 210 Fast 5 ltr

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