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MultiPlus™ Coatings

The Multiplus PU Reducer Medium is a specially formulated solvent designed for use with topcoats, clear coats, and base coats. It is available in three different variants: LRC9153 PU Fast Reducer, LRC9154 PU Medium Reducer, and LRC9155 PU Slow Reducer, to suit different application needs. This product is easy to use and is recommended for use with Multiplus PU topcoats, clear coats, and base coats. It helps to improve the flow and levelling of the coating, resulting in a smoother and more even finish. The Multiplus PU Reducer Fast also helps to reduce drying time, enabling faster production rates.

Technical Characteristics
LRC9153 PU Fast Reducer
LRC9154 PU Medium Reducer
LRC9155 PU Slow Reducer
Part No Description Min Qty
LRC9154/5 Pu Medium Reducer 5 ltr

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