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Additive for accelerated air drying of R-M 2 component standard primer filler on vertical and horizontal surfaces. PRIMEFLASH A 2100 is only intended for use with PERFECTFILLER WHITE / GREY / BLACK

PRIMEFLASH A 2100 will allow for a dust-free surface more quickly. Sandability and readiness for assembly will be significantly improved. PRIMEFLASH A 2100 is particularly suited for bodyshops who want to save energy and dry the primer filler at a room temperature of 20°C. PRIMEFLASH A 2100 can help to reduce the occupation times of the combibooth and drying oven. PRIMEFLASH A 2100 is particularly suited for small repairs.

Technical Characteristics
Solids content: ~ 1.0%
Density: 0.820 – 0.920 g/cm³
Storage temperature: min. 5°C to max. 45°C
Shelf life: 36 months
Part no Description Size
50531858 R-M A 2100 Primeflash 1 litre

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