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A High Tech Solution by R-M

Today bodyshops are expected to match an increasing number of special effect colours. CRYSTAL BASE from R-M, these concentrated bases have been developed exclusively for special effect pigments and packaged in 125 ml bottles. Matching special effect colours has never been so easy.

The CRYSTAL BASES advantages make all the difference:

  • No stirring is necessary, so the mixing machine will not be tied up.
  • 125 ml bottles are specially designed for use with special effect pigments.
  • A special dispensing cap for easier usage and accurate dosage.
  • Minimum investment provides a complete set of pigments for special effects.
  • The CRYSTAL BASE range has a practical storage chest. The bottles are arranged “upside-down” which makes them easier to work with and enables you to use them “down to the last drop”.

Innovate without changing your working processes.

CRYSTAL BASE is perfectly compatible with R-M basecoat system ONYX HD. Just like a conventional base, CRYSTAL BASE is treated simply as a component in the formula for special effect colours.

Part number Toner/Colour Size: Litres
50184133 R-M CB 10K White Nacre Fine 2 0.125
50445085 R-M CB 12L Crystal Glass 0.125
50521564 R-M CB 38L Ultra White 0.125
AU20-162L-RM91 R-M CB 62L Crystal Amber Gold 0.125
AU20-163L-RM91 R-M CB 63L Crystal Brass 0.125
AU20-166V-RM91 R-M CB 66V Crystal Gold Aluminium 0.125
50696444 R-M CB 67V Crystal Gold Aluminium 1.125
AU20-271V-RM91 R-M CB 71V Crystal Bronze 0.125
AU20-273L-RM91 R-M CB 73L Crystal Coral 0.125
AU20-274L-RM91 R-M CB 74L Crystal Copper 0.125
AU20-275K-RM91 R-M CB 75K Crystal Orange 0.125
AU20-334M-RM91 R-M CB 34M Violet 0.125
50445104 R-M CB 38K Blackberry Pearl 0.125
AU20-385L-RM91 R-M CB 85L Crystal Red 0.125
AU20-387L-RM91 R-M CB 87L Crystal Inter Copper 0.125
AU20-635L-RM91 R-M CB 35L Ultra Violet 0.125
AU20-545L-RM91 R-M CB 45L Blue Green 0.125
AU20-547M-RM91 R-M CB 47M Galaxy Blue 0.125
AU20-654L-RM91 R-M CB 54L Crystal Green 0.125
AU20-656L-RM91 R-M CB 56L Green Yellow 0.125
AU20-657M-RM91 R-M CB 57M Stellar Green 0.125
50445108 R-M CB 58M Green Jasper 0.125

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