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At R-M, they consider the protection of the environment and their customers a priority. They strive constantly to develop innovative products that are easier to use, yet enable their customers to achieve the best possible result in the fastest possible time.


MIXING BASE W: The pigments that make all the difference. Improve the performance of ONYX HD. Eight new base colours with an incredibly high pigment concentration provide the following advantages :

  • Cost-effectiveness is guaranteed, thanks to the reduction in labour costs and product consumption.
  • Good quality repairs that ensure increased customer satisfaction.
  • Work is made easier for painters with products that are simple to use.
  • Ultra-concentrated pigments for major savings.
  • Between 15% and 40% product saving by reducing the number of basecoats required.
  • Up to 50% saving in process time
  • Achieving the perfect result, easily!
  • Increased covering power
  • Faster flash-off times
  • Outstanding through-drying
  • Reduced process times

R-M innovation – relax and enjoy significantly improved performance.
R-M does not innovate at the expense of your working practices and standard processes. The high-density technology employed in ONYX HD is based on R-M’s world-leading experience in waterborne technology and is well proven in the field since 1995 as it requires no changes to your usual processes. You can use your current spray booth, mixing machine and compliant spray gun technology. R-M provides solutions that respect the latest developments in automotive refinishing technology and ONYX HD works perfectly with the new generation colour master colour tool.

ONYX HD is also compatible with CRYSTAL BASE and SPECIAL CRYSTAL BASE, two ranges of special effect tinting bases.

80% less solvent emissions

ONYX HD offers an 80% reduction in solvent emissions when compared to conventional automotive refinish paint technology. The solvent content of ONYX HD, mixed and ready for use is around 150 grams per litre.

Up to 90% less waste

ONYX HD makes waste management easy, with no change to your normal working practices. Cleaning spray guns is simple by using an automatic gun cleaner, which treats water by flocculation through the use of Hydropure. This easy-to-use system can reduce waste volume by up to 90%.

Faster drying times

Speed of drying is essential to optimize throughput and R-M has specified Dry Jet as the perfect system to speed the drying of ONYX HD. Dry Jet is a drying system for panel repair which again uses a standard compressed air connection.

The perfect finish

ONYX HD offers the very highest quality finish thanks to the renowned CHRONOLUX CP and CRYSTALCLEAR CP clearcoats, which perform brilliantly with waterborne basecoat.

VOC legislation

ONYX HD complies with the demands of Europe’s stringent VOC emissions regulations [< 420 g/l] and combines the environmental benefits of a waterborne system with the simplicity of preparation, application and storage of a conventional system.

Part number Toner/Colour Size: Litres
AT28-0990-RM01 R-M HB 990 White 1
50356597 R-M HB 994 Marble White 1
AT28-0999-RM93 R-M HB 999 Tint White 0.5
AT28-9520-RM93 R-M HB 200 Lamp Black 0.5
AT28-9523-RM93 R-M HB 203 Pure Black 0.5
AT28-9525-RM01 R-M HB 250 Carbon Black 1
AT28-9529-RM93 R-M HB 259 Black Tint 0.5
AT28-9403-RM0 R-M DB 403 Deep Black 1
AT28-1600-RM93 R-M HB 600 Green Gold 0.5
50423434 R-M HB 564 Phtalo Green R2 0.5
AT28-1617-RM93 R-M HB 617 Onyx Lead Free Base 0.5
AT28-1619-RM93 R-M HB 619 Yellow Tint 0.5
AT28-1650-RM93 R-M HB 650 Organic Yellow 0.5
AT28-1670-RM93 R-M HB 670 Iron Yellow 0.5
50525584 R-M HB 680 TR Iron Yellow 0.5
AT28-2730-RM93 R-M HB 730 Organic Orange 0.5
AT28-2770-RM93 R-M HB 770 Iron Red 0.5
AT28-2779-RM93 R-M HB 779 Red Tint 0.5
AT28-2780-RM93 R-M HB 780 TR Iron Red 0.5
AT28-3821-RM93 R-M HB 821 Organic Red 0.5
50448385 R-M HB 832 Organic Red 2 0.5
AT28-3855-RM93 R-M HB 855 Maroon 1 0.5
AT28-3861-RM93 R-M HB 861 Red 0.5
AT28-3870-RM93 R-M HB 870 Violet Red 0.5
AT28-4300-RM93 R-M HB 300 Violet 0.5
AT28-4880-RM93 R-M HB 880 Violet Red 0.5
AT28-5444-RM93 R-M HB 444 Royal Blue/Sea Blue 0.5
AT28-5460-RM93 R-M HB 460 Phtalo Blue 0.5
AT28-5464-RM93 R-M HB 464 Saphire Blue 0.5
50429681 R-M HB 469 Blue R2 0.5
AT28-5471-RM93 R-M HB 471 Greenish Phtalo Blue 0.5
AT28-6540-RM93 R-M HB 540 Phthalo Green 0.5
AU28-9110-RM93 R-M HB 110 Extra Fine Aluminium 0.5
AU28-9120-RM93 R-M HB 120 Fine Round Aluminium 0.5
50568132 R-M HB 130 Fine Aluminium 0.5
50525533 R-M HB 140 Medium Aluminium 0.5
AU28-9150-RM93 R-M HB 150 Medium Round Aluminium 0.5
AU28-099K-RM93 R-M HB 99K White Pearl 1 0.5
AU28-099M-RM93 R-M HB 99M White Pearl 2 0.5
AU28-164L-RM93 R-M HB 64L INT Yellow Pearl 0.5
AU28-388L-RM93 R-M HB 88L Red Pearl 0.5
AU28-388M-RM93 R-M HB 88M Red Pearl 2 0.5
AU28-546K-RM93 R-M HB 46K INT Blue Pearl 1 0.5
AU28-546L-RM93 R-M HB 46L INT Blue Pearl 2 0.5
50512754 R-M HB 176 Medium Shiney Aluminium 0.5
50512759 R-M HB 186 Coarse Shiney Aluminium 0.5
AT28-0961-RM93 R-M HB 961 Frost White 0.5
AT28-1610-RM93 R-M HB 610 Organic Yellow 1 0.5
50219124 R-M HB 615 Olivine Yellow 0.5
AT28-2740-RM93 R-M HB 740 Organic Orange 2 0.5
AT28-9526-RM93 R-M HB 260 Graphitan 0.5
AU28-099L-RM93 R-M HB 99L White Pearl 0.5
AU28-388N-RM93 R-M HB 88N Shiny Red Pearl 0.5
AU28-910S-RM91 R-M HB 10S Gleam Silver 0.125
AT28-0090-RM93 R-M HB 090 Onyx HD Pitch Control 0.5
Part number Toner/Colour Size: Litres
50382514 R-M HB 471W Steel Blue 0.5
50384291 R-M HB 464W Tansanite Blue 0.5
50382971 R-M HB 444W Lapislazuli 0.5
50382467 R-M HB 540W Emerald Green 0.5
50382973 R-M HB 560W Jade Green 0.5
50391566 R-M HB 800W Capsican Red 0.5
50455414 R-M HB 831W Chilli Red 0.5
50398451 R-M HB 760W Curry Orange 0.5
50481921 R-M HB 993W Star White 0.5

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