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Today bodyshops are expected to match an increasing number of special effect colours. CRYSTAL BASE from R-M has been developed exclusively for special effect pigments and packaged in 125 ml bottles. CRYSTAL BASE is perfectly compatible with the two R-M basecoat systems DIAMONT and ONYX HD. Just like a conventional base, CRYSTAL BASE is treated simply as a component in the formula for special effect colours.

R-M’s new SPECIAL CRYSTAL BASES (Limited Editions) can also be used to repair several special pigment-based colours used by car manufacturers, therefore very specific requirements can be met easily. Add to these factors the efficiency of the latest compliant spray gun technology and your solvent emissions will be reduced even further.

Part number Toner/Colour Size: Litres
AU20-014L-RM9 R-M SCB 14L Ultra Polar 0.125
AU20-381L-RM9 R-M SCB 81L Ultra Brown 0.125
AU20-655L-RM9 R-M SCB 55L Ultra Tropical 0.125
50339089 R-M SCB 64S Amber 0.125
50337817 R-M HB 80T Rubin Red 0.125
AU20-115L-RM9 R-M SCB 15L Ultra Silver 0.125
AU20-386L-RM9 R-M SCB 86L Ultra Red 0.125
AU20-388L-RM9 R-M SCB 88L Ultra Magenta 0.125
AU20-543L-RM9 R-M SCB 43L Ultra Cyan 0.125
AU20-548L-RM9 R-M SCB 48L Ultra Blue 0.125
50509816 R-M SCB 44V B/Metal Blue 0.125
AU20-653L-RM9 R-M SCB 53L Ultra Green 0.125
AU20-961L-RM9 R-M SCB 61L Ultra Gold 0.125
50339088 R-M SCB 89S Smokey Topaz 0.125
50415878 R-M SCB 26L Prismatic Pearl 0.125
50415926 R-M SCB 31L Cosmic Violet 0.125
50764544 R-M SCB 84L Red Magma 0.125

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