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UNO HD reflects the R-M philosophy at its best: a genuine respect for the environment, high performance, perfect results, economy and productivity.

  • High covering and filling power
  • UNO HD guarantees very good application properties, high productivity and excellent covering power due to the strength of its pigment concentration. Its high solid content results in substantial product savings too
  • UNO HD’s excellent polishability and superb drying characteristics also enable body shops to complete all types of repairs quickly and effectively, obtaining a perfect finish every time. … with complementary products
  • Add to these factors the efficiency of the latest compliant spray gun technology and your solvent emissions will be reduced even further.
Part number Toner/Colour Size: Litres
AT27-0090-RM04 R-M SC 90 White 4
AT27-0099-RM01 R-M SC 99 White Tint 1
AT27-9520-RM01 R-M SC 20 Lamp Black 1
AT27-9525-RM04 R-M SC 25 Carbon Black 4
AT27-9529-RM01 R-M SC 29 Black Tint 1
50410849 R-M SC 403 Gloss Black 1
AT27-1061-RM01 R-M SC 61 Organic Yellow 1 1
AT27-1062-RM01 R-M SC 62 Organic Yellow 2 1
AT27-1066-RM01 R-M SC 66 Organic Yellow 3 1
AT27-1067-RM01 R-M SC 67 Iron Yellow 1
AT27-1069-RM01 R-M SC 69 Yellow Tint 1
AT27-2074-RM01 R-M SC 74 Organic Orange 1
AT27-2079-RM01 R-M SC 79 Orange Tint 1
AT27-3077-RM01 R-M SC 77 Iron Red 1
AT27-3082-RM01 R-M SC 82 Organic Red 1 1
AT27-3085-RM01 R-M SC 85 Organic Red 4 1
AT27-3086-RM01 R-M SC 86 Bright Organic Red 1
50331453 R-M SC 31 Violet 1
AT27-4088-RM01 R-M SC 88 Violet Red 1
50425207 R-M SC 41 Indo Blue 1
AT27-5044-RM01 R-M SC 44 Phthalo Blue 1
AT27-5046-RM01 R-M SC 46 Phthalo Blue 1
AT27-5049-RM01 R-M SC 49 Blue 1
AT27-6054-RM01 R-M SC 54 Phtalo Green 1
50412535 R-M SC 57 Phatlo Green R2 1
AT27-6059-RM01 R-M SC 59 Green Tint 1

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