October 15, 2019

R-M® launches the 13th International R-M Best Painter Contest 2020


Driving digital competency and eco-efficient solutions in 16 countries with first-time competitors from China and Morocco!

International Final in France, September 22 to 24, 2020

Entry requirements for the competition:

– The applicant must be 35 years or younger on 4th September 2020

–  The applicant must be a qualified spray painter

– The applicant must currently use R-M’s waterborne paint line ONYX HD

R-M®, BASF’s premium automotive refinish paint brand, is launching a search for the most talented spray painters in the industry. The 13th International R-M Best Painter Contest will take place in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, with China and Morocco participating for the first time.

R-M’s motto Driving digital competency and eco-efficient solutions combines aspects of quick processes and digital solutions with sustainability.

The 16 successful finalists will demonstrate the highest standards employed by the best talents in automotive refinishing, using the ONYX HD waterborne premium paint line.

Active supporters of the competition are premium business partners 3M, ANEST IWATA, EMM, RODIM, SATA and business partners Horn & Bauer, IRT by Hedson, METTLER-TOLEDO and Sia Abrasives.

Automotive refinishing requires increasingly specialised application processes, more efficient product innovations and more advanced digital solutions. This has increased the need for young, well-trained talent on a global scale. R-M has recognised and honoured the most talented spray painters since 1999 by hosting the Best Painter Contest as a platform for young, up-and-coming spray painters to promote their profession as an attractive career choice.

Local finals in South Africa will take place in Johannesburg on March 13th, 2020. All entries are required by 13th December 2019 in order to begin the selection process for the top 5 candidates to compete in the final.

The five finalists will be selected from the following regions:

– Johannesburg/Pretoria

– Bloemfontein

– Cape Town

– Durban

– Nelspruit

The finalists will represent their respective countries at the International Final in France from September 22nd to 24th, 2020.

The 2020 International R-M Best Painter Contest will focus on digital competency and fast, eco-efficient solutions. For example, digital colour measurement and the use of innovative, efficient processes such as leveraging UV technology in repairing cosmetic damage. Safety and sustainability are equally important, as is raising awareness about actively contributing to reducing CO2 emissions through eco-friendly solutions, including R-M ONYX HD waterborne refinish paint system. Choosing products from R-M’s e’Sense solutions is another choice due to the use of biomass-balanced raw materials.

The contest also focuses on training and opportunities to grow expertise in the industry.

The jury consists of head trainers from the R-M Automotive Refinish Academy based in Europe. Worldwide, the R-M brand has a network of more than 80 Refinish Competence Centres, each equipped with the latest technical standards and multimedia training tools. R-M offers customers significant flexibility in meeting refinish training needs while providing innovative and sustainable solutions that increase efficiency and profitability in their business.

For more information please contact Riaan Dormehl on 060 972 5224 or visit our website on www.rsbautogroup.co.za / www.rmpaint.co.za

Register online: http://www.apply.bestpainter.rmpaint.com/

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