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The R-M Colour Tool


The R-M Colour Tool

R-M, as a pioneer in the industry, developed the best colour research system in the world over 10-years ago. Today the Colormaster is still one of the most profitable investments a body shop can invest in with regards to colour management. Simple, efficient and utterly reliable, Colourmaster saves valuable time in colour-matching while significantly reducing material consumption.

A Critical Stage: Colour Matching

Your customers expect perfect results, which makes colour-matching one of the most vital processes in your body shop. An accurate colour-match can take a long time as you have to find the manufacturer’s colour from the numerous variants that may exist, whilst at the same time considering other factors such as special effect colours, more sensitive shades, colours from different manufacturing plants, ageing and weathering.

The Systems Strength

The new Colormaster 4 is the latest addition to the R-M Colour Universe and contains a range of colour cards covering metallic/pearl colours for vehicles manufactured since 2008 by all the leading manufacturers from Europe, Japan, America, Asia. Every Colormaster 4 card is manufactured in a single batch using the original refinish materials to ensure absolute colour accuracy.

By matching the colour with Colormaster 4, there is no need to produce a spray out card to check the colour, the painter can go straight to mixing the colour and painting the vehicle, safe in the knowledge then he will achieve a perfect matchmaking savings in time and materials.

Colormaster 4 comes in a new compact and ergonomic storage case that uses boxes instead of drawers, enabling the boxes of cards to be transported safely and securely.

With the Interactive Colour Application, painters can make better use of R-M’s range of Colour Search tools, to ensure fast and easy colour identification. With its highly intuitive, user-friendly interface, the drop-down menus and videos take the painter through all the options to achieve an accurate colour match.

Ease of Use

By following the R-M technical data sheets to ensure the correct mixing ratio and application, you can be sure the colour will match the card and the vehicle, precisely. Colormaster gives you a perfect colour match.

Colormaster is a fast and accurate colour tool designed to be used in three simple stages:

Take the cards corresponding to the manufacturer’s reference from the Colormaster system.

Select the card that accurately matches the colour of the vehicle.

Mix the R-M formula from the corresponding card.

Immediate Time and Product Savings

Compared to conventional methods, Colormaster can save you up to 32 minutes for basecoat and clear colours and 17 minutes for direct gloss colours (Dekra study). Since accuracy is one of our prime concerns, we asked three independent bodies to test Colormaster: Dekra in Germany, Thatcham in the UK and CESVIMAP in Spain. All three measured and certified the performance of Colormaster. Indispensable for high quality refinishing, Colormaster helps maintain your professional image, improves your competitiveness and ensures customer satisfaction.


Colortronic 12/6:
Advanced Colour-Matching Technology

Your body shop can benefit from the speed and accuracy offered by the latest colour matching technology. Now with the introduction of Colourtronic 12/6, your body shop can benefit from the speed and accuracy offered by the latest in state-of-the-art colour matching technology.